Hanging pictures is a mystery to too many people. How you should hang art on the way depends largely on how heavy and large the poster or frame you want to put up actually is. Still, the key to hanging photos without killing your walls starts with planning, long before you put the first nail in the wall or drill the first hole.

Mounting a TV on the wall makes a lot of sense for most people, as it frees up space in the home and, generally speaking, is a practical move. But, for some, the practice of mounting a TV on the wall can be intimidating.

Mounting a TV can be a quick & easy task, but it can very easily turn into an arduous journey. In essence, the process involves putting 4 bolts in the wall to hold a bracket. You then hang the TV on that bracket and, voilà, you’re done. Sounds simple, right? But putting 4 bolts into a wall isn’t always as simple as it may sound. 

We can accurately center and level shelves, art work, picture frames, curtains rods, blinds and wall mount installation any size TV.


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